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SEA-WEST SHIPPPING GROUP is well organized and experienced in handling and transporting project cargoes world wide. Extensive experience in all aspects of marine business fed with a well organized network of specialized agents and representatives throughout the world enable us to identify best procedures and local economical solutions for our customers as per their requirements.

SEA-WEST SHIPPPING GROUP offer’s you door-to-door shipping to any point on the globe. We can provide surface distribution between most major markets around the world, with no size or weight limitations, each shipment goes with single control. No matter where your consignments need to be going worldwide, we arrange the most efficient means of transportation along your supply chain, delivering your shipments to its final customer with as we say ” A competitive edge”.

In addition to our FCL consolidations, SEA-WEST SHIPPPING GROUP also offers LCL forwarding services to our customers. With our huge volumes and multiple contracts with various Shipping lines, we are also able to offer cost effective LCL forwarding solutions to our customers. Our value additions such as door to door deliveries, ex works pick up, duty paid/unpaid deliveries in various countries ensures our growth and our customer’s belief a sound logistics solution.

SEA-WEST SHIPPPING GROUP provides a unique service for the transportation of international shipments of liquid chemicals, oxidizing agents, flammable and compressed gasses, poisons, powders and granules both packed and in bulk, in short we undertake a forwarding for almost all UN classified cargo.

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